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California Real Estate Education

We are based in California and offer only California Real Estate education. Licensemasters.com is one of the few California specific real estate schools out there. A lot of other real estate schools are national brands that don't have the knowledge that we do with getting students through the licensing process with the California Department of Real Estate. We will walk you through the process every step of the way to make sure you can get your license as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We provide you instructor support 7 days a week to help you succeed in completing your courses in a timely manner. Licensemasters.com is also home to the original 110% Money-back guarantee. Either you pass your state exam on the first try or we pay you! What do you have to lose? Give us a call today to get started on your new career path right away and we promise you will not be disappointed in the amount of customer service you will receive from everyone here at licensemasters.com




We Are Education Specialists In The Following Areas



Salesperson License

Premium real estate education for real estate professionals. Instructor backed and textbook based.


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Broker License

We are the brokers license specialists and have all of the courses needed to obtain your brokers license.


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State Exam Prep

The best exam prep in the state of California backed with our industry best 110% money-back guarantee.


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Renew A License

We offer fast and easy courses to renew your California real estate license. Start Now Pay Later Option.


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How To Get A California Real Estate License

Three step process

· Complete The Required Courses

Our California courses are packed with current real estate topics but easy and fast to complete. Once completed, courses are good for life and every one can be used towards your Brokers license. Instructors are here to answer any questions you may have while you are completing the courses. We are here for you.

Three step process

· Fill Out The Application and Get Fingerprinted

We provide you with full school support and detailed instructions on how to fill out the application to ensure it's done right. We have learned over the years how to get your application processed as fast as possible. Take advantage of our experience and let us show you how to navigate the state.

Three step process

· Prepare For and Pass The State Exam

Our exam prep system is the best in the industry and we stand behind that claim with a full 110% money back guarantee. We were the first school in California to offer that kind of guarantee and other schools have tried to follow us. Pass the state exam or we pay you! What other school stands behind their product like we do?

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Google Review

Claudette W.

License Masters is outstanding in meeting your real estate licensing needs. Their staff is professional, courteous, and will carefully navigate you through the renewal process. Doing business with License Masters, you will not be disappointed.

Yelp Review

David T.

The practice tests were so like the actual questions appearing on the DRE real estate exam that when I took the latter I was completely confident and prepared. As a result, I was able to complete and pass the DRE exam in only 1.25-hours out of the allotted 3-hours. I would certainly recommend License Masters to anyone.

Facebook Review

Jessie B.

I Would Like To Thank License Masters For Offering Such Great Online Continuing Education Classes For Real Estate Professionals As Myself. The Online Courses Were Very Informative And User Friendly. I Appreciate The Ability To Be Able To Complete The Requirements Online At My Own Pace And Time. Thank You License Masters For Making The Renewal Process So Awesome!

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Our Real Estate Education System Is The Best In The State of California

Since 2007 we have been helping people obtain their real estate licenses in California. We are specialist in California real estate education and stand behind our system with a full 110% moneyback guarantee.

Details Of Our Guarantee:

  • You must purchase our state exam prep.

  • You must score at least 85% on all ten of our state exam practice exams.

  • You must take your state exam within 45 days of starting the exam prep.


The guidelines for our guarantee are easy to meet. You only need to pass the state exam with a 70% or better so we are aiming to over-prepare you for the exam. We also want the information fresh and at the top of your mind.




Use This Link For More Information On How To Get A License

How Do I Get My Real Estate License?



What Courses Do I Need To Take?



faqIcon   What Are The California State Requirements For A Real Estate License

    Salesperson License Requirements:

  1. Must be over 18 years old
  2. Must complete three, 45 hour courses (135 hours of education)

Two of those courses are required. Those are California Real Estate Principles and California Real Estate Practice. The third course is an elective course and the student has a choice on what they would like to take. We offer seven different elective choices for students to choose from.

    Brokers License:

  1. Must be over 18 years old
  2. Must complete 8 courses (360 hours)
  3. Must have two years of full time experience working in real estate. This is defined as two out of the last five years.
faqIcon   What Courses Do I Need To Take?

All students must complete three, 45 hour courses (135 hours of education). Two of those courses are required and one is an elective. The required courses are California Real Estate Principles and California Real Estate Practice. The third course is an elective course and the student has a choice as to which course they would like to take. We offer seven different elective choices for students to choose from.

faqIcon   What Is The Difference Between A Broker and Salesperson?

Simply put, a broker is the employer and the salesperson is the employee. All salesperson's must work for a broker, there are no exceptions. Brokers can work for themselves or choose to hire salespeople. A broker does not have a limit on how many salespeople he can employ. Another difference is that a salesperson can only have one speciality, where as a broker can have many. This means that a salesperson can ONLY be a Realtor, or work in mortgages, or be a property manager. They cannot do more than one. A broker is free to do it all and have as many specialties as they want.

faqIcon   How Long Does It Take To Get A Real Estate License?

The typical timeframe to obtain a California real estate salesperson license is roughly 12 - 14 weeks if you study a little bit everyday. With our school, you can complete each course in as little as 18 days per course. That means a student can get through all of our education in as little as 54 days. Once you have completed all of the courses you can send your application to the state. From the time you mail in your application until the time you are sitting down taking your state exam is typically 4-6 weeks(This can vary depending on where the state is with their processing). This is a perfect amount of time to study our State Best Exam Prep to prepare for the state exam.

faqIcon   How Do You Take Courses At Our School?

We are a correspondence based real estate school and have been in business since 2007. We have developed an amazing process for our students that allows them to move at a very fast pace, and retain all of the information they need. Everything you do with us is guided by the school and instructor backed. We use actual textbooks for our courses which makes the studying process easier when compared to online schools. You simply cannot highlight items, make notes or fold pages with a computer but if you like online material, we offer that as well. Our final exams are also open book which makes it easier if you need to quickly lookup an answer to one of your final exam questions. Here is a breakdown of how courses are completed with our school:

  1. Order your courses and complete our New Student Orientation.
  2. Login to our website and click the "Start" button for the course you want to start.
  3. Once you start a course your daily study plan emails will start being sent to you.
  4. Every unit of our courses starts with a PowerPoint lecture that helps breakdown the learning for the day.
  5. After the lecture, students take an online chapter review quiz and our system will assign you a reading assignment.
  6. Everything is guided and if you need help, just contact the school to speak with an instructor.
  7. After you complete the course, and at least 18 days have past, you are allowed to take our final exam.
  8. Start your next course and follow the same proess.
faqIcon   Who Are We?

We started our school in 2007 with a desire to get people though the process of licensing in a more efficient manner. When we first got our real estate license, the materials were outdated and hard to complete. We also failed our state exam due to bad study material. That is why we created our school and developed the best materials in the state of California. Our goal is to teach you everything you need to know in a manner that allows you move at a fast pace while also retaining all the information you need. We have been through the licensing process and we know what it is like. This has allowed us to refine our teaching methods and materials to be the best in the state.