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California Real Estate License Renewal

Our California approved real estate continuing education courses are designed to be taken anywhere, anytime even if you don't have an internet connection when you are studying. This means you can take your materials to the beach, on the road or really anywhere you want to study. When you are ready to take the final exam, you simply login to your student homepage and start your final exam for each course.

The Masters Renewal System

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CAR Required Ethics Course

This course will satifsy your NAR/CAR Ethics requirement.

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$14.50 - $16.75

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Salesperson & Brokers Renewal

Full Salesperson's & Brokers Continuing Education Packages.

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California Continuing Education Textbooks

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Our California approved real estate Continuing Education courses are designed to be taken anywhere, anytime even if you don't have an internet connection when you are studying. This means you can take your materials to the beach, on the road or really anywhere you want to study. When you are ready to take the final exam, you simply login to your student homepage and start your final exam. The final exam is based completely online and requires an internet connection to complete. Please call 888-544-4403 for more info, or select our CE package and complete your purchase on our website.

Our "Fast-Track" System Guides The Education With:

Study Plan Emails
Study Plans

chapter lecture slides
Chapter Breakdown

chapter review quizzes
Review Quizzes

reading assignments
Reading Assignments

1.) Your study time is guided and easy. First, you review the "Study-Plan" to see what the learning objectives are. This also acts as a reminder to study, Get Some Work Done!

2.) Then, review the "Chapter Breakdown" materials so we can breakdown those learning objectives.

3.) After that, take the "Review Quiz" to see what how you understood and retained the information.

4.) Finally, complete the "Dynamic Reading Assignment" to reinforce the key information for the day. Everyone's reading assignment is different and based on how the student answered the chapter review questions!


Just Complete The Courses Any Way You Want, It's Up To You!

All You Need To Do Is Pass The Final Exam For Each Course
Final Exams Consist Of:

20 Questions / 3 Hour Courses
70 Questions / 30 Hour Course
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20 minutes / 3 Hour Courses
70 Minutes / 30 Hour Course
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Open Book
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70% or better
to pass
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Each continuing education course is available to students by way of PDF textbooks and online exams. Each course consists of reading and studying the PDF course materials, taking the chapter review quizzes (these are not graded) and passing the online final exam. Commissioner's Regulation 3007.3 - Final Exam Rules states that participants taking a correspondence offering shall be limited to completion of final examinations for that offering for a maximum of fifteen credit hours during any one 24 hour period. PLEASE BE AWEARE THAT THESE COURSES WILL TAKE NINE DAYS TO COMPLETE. PLEASE PLAN FOR THIS.


Students will take their final exams online. The final exam is open-book and consists of multiple choice questions. Students are allowed a specific amount of time in order to complete the final exam. A minimum score of 70% must be obtained in order to pass. Students may use a non-programmable calculator without printing capability during the exam. The student can use any computer with an internet connection to access the secured exam area. Once the student is finished with the exam, it will be automatically graded by our system. If the student passes the exam a certificate will be placed on the students personal page. **State of California has a rule in place that limits how many times a student can fail a final exam. If a student fails a final exam twice, the student must start that course over again. You DO NOT have to pay again, you just have to start the course over again and wait the required time before retaking the final exam**


Agency - 3 Hours

The Agency course details the rules that govern agency relationships for real estate professionals. The course covers duties of an agent, liabilities and disclosures, agency contracts, specific transactions and brokerage relationships.

Final exam is 20 questions

Ethics - 3 Hours

Our Ethics course covers a broad base of obvious "Golden Rule" items as well as more detailed topics that cover ethics related court cases, the NAR code of ethics, business and professions codes and other items that bring a big picture of ethics to the real estate professionals mind.

Final exam is 20 questions

Trust Fund Handling - 3 Hours

Trust Fund Handling is designed to keep professionals in touch with the laws of handling consumers money in all aspects of real estate. This course covers all general trust fund practices, how to handle trust fund bank accounts, proper accounting and record keeping, liabilities and violations as well as a detailed chapter showing sample transactions and record keeping examples to ensure professionals know the proper way to handle trust funds.

Final exam is 20 questions

Risk Management - 3 Hours

Risk Management is a topic that all real estate professionals need to focus on. This course will explain risk management from a broad base as well as are more detailed look into the common areas of risk, activities likely to contribute to risk, examples of high risk areas, risk reduction and legal responsibility as a real estate professional. This is a must for agents to protect themselves in their career.

Final exam is 20 questions

Fair Housing - 3 Hours

Fair Housing is a topic that all real estate processionals need to be aware of. This course covers the Federal Fair housing act, the Civil Rights act, the Unruh Civil Rights act and various others to give professionals a good understanding of how fair housing laws affect them as real estate agents.

Final exam is 20 questions

Implicit Bias - 2 Hours

This course is a training course on Bias found in everyday life. With a focus on Implicit Bias this course will also discuss the topics of Explicit Bias and Systemic Bias. In addition, we examine how this bias effects real estate professionals and offers ways to reduce this bias.

Final exam is 10 questions

Management & Supervision - 3 Hours

Management and Supervision is a course focused on how brokers should be overseeing their offices. Establishing policies and procedures, properly supervising licensees, storage of records and the use of branch managers are just a few topics included in this course. We will also look at three case studies were licenses had to be revoked due to their failure to supervise.

Final exam is 20 questions

Centered Real Estate - 30 Hours

This course is a focus on Consumer Protection and advancing a career as a real estate professional. This is a must read for anyone working in real estate. With chapters on contracts, time and money management, advertising and others, this course attempts to add real value to any real estate professionals career by teaching methods to increase sales and manage clients.

Final exam is 70 questions, taken over 2 days

Course Breakdown

Course Name


Exam Time




20 Min




20 Min


Fair Housing


20 Min


Trust Fund Handling


20 Min


Risk Management


20 Min


Implicit Bias


10 Min


Management and Supervision


20 Min


Centered Real Estate


1 Hr 10 Min.


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