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How Do Our Courses Work?

Our "Fast-Track" System has been developed over our years of teaching, which reach back to 2007. It's unique to us because it is the only one that is school guided, instructor backed and comes with a 110% money back guarantee that you will pass the state exam when you use our state exam prep.

It All Starts With

New Student Orientations

New Student Orientations

Orientations are an important part of being successful in any learning environment. Our online orientation's are designed to show our students how to use our "fast-track" system so they can be successful with all of the tools at their disposal.

Once you register with our school you will directed to an online orientation. This orientation is designed to show students how to use all of the resources that are available to them.

What Is Our "Fast-Track" System?

Study Plan Emails
Study Plans

chapter lecture slides
Chapter Breakdown

chapter review quizzes
Review Quizzes

reading assignments
Reading Assignments

1.) Your study time with License Masters is guided and easy. First, you review the "Study-Plan" email to see what the learning objectives are for the day. This also acts as a reminder to study, Get Some Work Done!

2.) Then, review the "Chapter Breakdown" materials so we can breakdown the learning objectives for the day.

3.) After that, take the "Review Quiz" to see what you understood and if you retained the information.

4.) Finally, complete the "Dynamic Reading Assignment" to reinforce the key information for the day. Everyone's reading assignment is different and based on how the student answers the chapter review questions!


Just Complete The Courses Any Way You Want,
It's Up To You!

All You Need To Do Is Pass The Final Exam
Final Exams Consist Of:

100 Questions
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180 Minutes
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Open Book
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60% or better
to pass
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Students Can Complete A Course As Fast As 18 Days!
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