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The License Masters Difference

We Provide The Best Real Estate Education System In California:

Our Masters Licensing System has been proven since 2007. Our system is school guided, instructor backed and comes with a 110% money back guarantee when you use our state exam prep.

We Walk You Through The Application & Fingerprinting Process:

The state application can be a complicated process. Missing a signature on the application or not providing the right documents can cause major delays.

We Have The Best Exam Prep In California & Back It With A 110% Guarantee:

The state exam is the last step of the licensing process. Many fail this exam, but not our students. We offer an industry best 110% Money Back Guarnatee!

We Help You Find An Office Where You Can Really Shine:

Finding a place to work is a lot easier than people think. We help you with this process by providing you with a detailed tutorial on how to find a great office to work for.

Lets Get Started!

Traditional Classroom

LicenseMasters System

Slower Path To License

State of California requires classroom based courses to be taught over a 12 week / 1 semester period.

Faster Path To License

California has approved us to teach our college level courses as fast as 18 days per course.

Must Complete All Courses At Once

With classroom based courses you will have to take all three courses at the same time. Hope you're ready to study like that!

Complete One Course At A Time

With our system you only take one course at a time. This way you maximize your learning and information retention.

Must Wait For Semesters To Start

Classroom courses start on specific dates. If the semester already started, you must wait for the next one to start studying.

No Waiting, Start When You Register

With our school you can start studying as soon as you register and pay your tuition. Just select your courses and you're ready to go.

Limited Instructor Access

Classroom based courses only give you access to your instructor when you're in class.

Full Instructor Access Everyday

Our instructor is available seven days a week. No need to wait when you need help at our school.

Students Must Travel To Classroom

We all know how bad traffic can be. Get ready to put up with that each time you head to school.

Our Courses Can Be Taken Anywhere

Our classes are taken from anywhere you are. Traveling? No Problem. At home? Great, study when and where you want.

Textbooks Are NOT Included In Tuition

The average cost of a textbook in college is $58* per book. Thats an additional $174!

Textbooks Are Included With Tuition

We include textbooks with our tuition and they are the same books you would use in a college classroom!

Average Cost Of $552 For Three Courses

The average cost in California is $46 per unit. Three courses at 4 units each can add up fast, plus books are never included.

Average Cost Of $350 For Three Courses

We don't need to pay for a huge campus and we pass those savings onto our students. We also include textbooks in your cost of your tuition.

No State Exam Prep

No college in California will prepare you for the state exam. That means you have another expense once you finish the courses.

Best Exam Prep In California

We have the best exam prep in California and back it with a 110% money back guarantee. We stand behind our process and materials.

Average Total Cost: $924

When you add up tuition at $46 per unit, textbooks at $58 per book and the cost of a state exam prep this route costs an awful lot.

LicenseMasters Average Cost: $350

Why pay almost three times the cost? We include textbooks and state exam prep. When you look at your education options, why pay more?